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Festivals in Prague

Festivals in Prague

Prague Spring International Music Festival: For Music Lovers

In many cities around the world, music has been a key source through which its citizens have defied adversities, submersed in culture, and embolden the spirit and sense of a community. The music festivals in Prague pay special attention to the cultural orchestra music that has been a part of the fabric of the city for hundreds of years.

The festival was started in 1946 immediately after the end of the second World War in an effort to rebuild the society and instill a sense of community. Over the past decades, the music festival has grown into an exhibition of exemplary contemporary music.

Festival Dates: May – June 

Czech Beer Festival

A discussion about Czech Republic won’t be complete without mentioning beer. The country that is known in the world for most beer consumption per capita, and the cheapest cost to beer definitely deserves a festival or two that celebrates their national drink. This is one of the best Prague festivals

Out of all the festivals in Prague, this one is probably the most popular among tourists as it not only rivals the Oktoberfest held in Bavaria, but it also boasts a presentation of 120 brands of beer from around the world.

Festival Dates: April 

International Jazz Festival: Delight For Jazz Lovers

Over the past decade, we have seen a resurgence of jazz all around the world. This has resulted into many new age Jazz bands and performers come into prominence and attract the newer generation of music lovers into this dying genre.

Prague has been no exception to this worldwide phenomenon as jazz listeners in Prague have increased exponentially. As a result, there have been an uptick jazz festivals in Prague and the International Jazz Festival is one such event that has become a yearly hit fixture. The festival, which now is going into its 55th year, has seen an increase in listeners who are either millennials or ever younger.

Festival Dates:July 

Bohemian Carnevale (Prague Carnival): Exquisite Celebrations

With probably the longest carrying tradition of the city, the final few months of winter bring about the city streets to life with the Bohemian Carnevale. Travelers who have been around European will be able to identify this Carnevale as a medieval tradition carried out in many cities of Europe as a part of preserving their rich culture. This is one of the most popular Prague carnival.

The main attraction during the festival is the masquerade parade, similar to the one held in Venice every year. The parade kicks off in Old Town Prague and goes past all the famous monuments, museums, and art galleries. The restaurants in Prague also rev up their game by holding wine tasting sessions for visitors and creating a special food menu for the few days of the festival.

Festival Dates: February – March